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Today, your cell phone is more than just a phone – it helps you stay in touch, retains photo memories of family and friends, and keeps you on schedule.

That's why it's vital to keep it protected, and you can do just that simply by paying your wireless phone bill with your eligible Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card.

You can be protected with up to $200 supplemental coverage for eligible phones purchased for personal use on traditionally billed plans. Cellular Telephone Protection is subject to a $50 deductible per claim. All you have to do is use your Fifth Third consumer credit card to make your monthly payments.

Make the right call, and take advantage of Cell Phone Protection* from Fifth Third Bank.

+ What is Cell Phone Protection?

Cell Phone Protection will reimburse the enrolled cardholder for damage to, or theft of, eligible cell phones. Eligible phones are limited to your primary line and up to two additional lines as listed on your monthly billing statement.

+ What is my benefit limit?

The maximum benefit limit is two hundred dollars ($200.00) per claim and four hundred dollars ($400.00) per twelve (12) month period. Cellular Telephone Protection is subject to a fifty-dollar ($50.00) deductible per claim and a maximum of two (2) claims per twelve (12) month period.

+ Who is eligible for coverage?

All Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card cardholders are eligible for protection, which begins the first day of the calendar month following the payment of your cell phone bill using your Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card. You must make payments with your Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card each month to remain eligible.

+ How do I get coverage?

Pay your wireless bill with your Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card to activate coverage.

+ How do I submit a claim?

To submit a claim call the Benefit Administrator at 1-866-894-8569 within sixty (60) days of damage or theft.

+ What is the cost for this benefit?

Cell Phone Protection is provided to Fifth Third Bank consumer credit card cardholders at no additional cost.

+ Does this replace cell phone insurance purchased through my cell phone provider?

No. Cell Phone Protection is in addition to collectible cell phone insurance programs, along with homeowner's, renter's, automobile, or employer's insurance policies.

+ How will I be reimbursed?

Depending on the nature and circumstances of the damage or theft, the Benefit Administrator, at its sole discretion, may choose to repair or replace the Cellular Wireless Telephone or reimburse the cardholder for the lesser of a) two hundred dollars ($200.00) excess of the fifty-dollar ($50.00) co-payment; or b) the current suggested retail price of a similar quality replacement Cellular Wireless Telephone, excluding taxes, delivery and transportation charges, and any fees associated with the Cellular Wireless Telephone service provider, less than fifty-dollar ($50.00)

+ How does the $50 deductible work?

The $50 deductible is subtracted from the claim amount prior to payment. The remaining amount of the claim is payable up to the program limit of $200.00.